Consumers are more empowered today through the use of advanced technology and social media. Companies are required to implement creative social media strategies for call centers or agencies to keep up with today’s market and genuinely connect with customers.

Social media has gone from a novel marketing idea to an absolute necessity or rather a tried and tested means for marketers. New media marketing platforms have lit the fire. Along with older outbound marketing strategies, Call Center Agencies in the USA send targeted and customized messages to the customer. 

On social media, customers and businesses can directly interact where both parties can get to know each other’s tastes and patterns. The content that’s evident on these platforms forms the surface of their interaction. 

Getting started with social media marketing can be tricky. Understanding the webbing is as important as designing your image. While there are some hurdles associated with delivering large-scale customer service through various channels, know some important attributes about promoting your call center on social media.


Listen and Bond

Listen to your customers and engage in conversations regarding the brand. Create content and hashtags on your call centre on social media that communicate the “why” factor of your service. Your customers are constantly conversing about their issues, experiences and reviews about anything and everything to their peers and more. The trick is to have sharp ears and a vocal mouth. Invest in social media management applications to help find relevant conversations you should be attuning. Your contact center staff should convey feelings and infuse personality into responses via social media and create connections with customers. It’s critical to bond with your online fellowship.


Manage the Buzzing

Social media is where customers directly interact with their brands regarding doubts and queries. Agents respond to this and criticisms. Managing this buzzing is imperative for the movement up the ladder. As much as you may want to overlook negative comments, never miss an occasion to cultivate a better relationship with your customer.


Make Better Relationships

A customer database is your pool for solutions. Access to their activities and history with you can help re-track them and foster a personal relationship with the customer and increase customer loyalty. Digital marketing Agencies in San Francisco use effective tools to conduct CRM. Solid sales leads, follow trends and improve products and services are the results.


Improve Brand Consistency

A consistent experience for customers across all channels is essential in promoting your call center. The voice of your social media posts should reflect your call center’s brand values. The overall tone, regardless of the matter, must be steady and clear. Call centers must cross-check what customers are told on social media is the same as that of communicated over phone or email.


Address real issues and invite interaction

While social media can strengthen customer service efforts, it can’t replace traditional channels. Social media is a page where you can display the crux of real issues and their suggested solutions. It’s a space for reassurance on what customers have heard, maybe over the phone. The issue addressed online is best handled offline. Use social media to inform the customers about the customs and invite them to a phone call when suitable.

In the wake of a deadly virus that is continuing to disrupt the regular lifestyle of human beings, the time that people tend to spend on online media has seen a drastic shift. As over half the global population is in their homes spending their time with family, the probability of people allocating time for online activities has changed.

Social media management strategies have to be altered according to the convenience of the customer. Here we reveal the latest updates regarding the adequate time to post on various social media platforms.


Best time to post on Facebook

As we all are very much aware, Facebook possesses a generous relationship with its users. People tend to behave freely and happily while they use the platform. It has also turned out to be adequate for business development.

The suitable time to post on Facebook based on research analysis is proven to be from 10-11 am on weekdays especially on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. There has noted a daily peak in the traffic and audience response in the period close to 11 am which may lead up to 2 pm. Hence, it is the best time to get the maximum audience to notice your post and register their interactions.


Best time to post on Instagram

The activities of Instagram are now mostly concentrated on workdays. There has also happened a drastic swift from morning active hours of heavy interactions to mid-afternoon.

Before, the statistic revealed Wednesday and Friday as the active heavy traffic recommending days with a peak from 10 am to 11 am. Now the trend has changed to Monday, Tuesday, and Friday specifically from a period of 11 am to 2 pm.

Now the Instagram user has been highly active during weekends from 9 am to 5 pm. It looks as if any time is ideal to post on Instagram as long as it is before 6 pm.


Best time to post on Twitter

Twitter has not experienced many changes in active interaction hours when compared to the scenario before. The current best time to post on Twitter is Friday 7–9 a.m., with 9 a.m. showing the peak of activity. Twitter has been widely used to stay updated at this period, it offers reliable and genuine information regarding the situations.


Best time to post on LinkedIn

There have been no notable changes in the time of active interaction in LinkedIn. More or less they remain the same, the situations have not affected their functioning procedures and systems. Currently, the most adequate times to post on LinkedIn are

  • Wednesday at 3 p.m
  • Thursday at 9–10 a.m.
  • Friday from 11 a.m.-noon.

Now, LinkedIn engagement begins around 8 a.m. rather than 7 a.m. every day and tends to end a little late.

Analyzing the active engagement time frame of the audience is important to stabilize your business, monitoring the trends carefully, and promoting engaging content to an interactive set of audience drives in results. We at SocialPulsar offer quality Digital Marketing Services comprehending your requirements contributing qualified support.

Nearly half of the world population counting to 3.81 billion are active in varied social media platforms. As the number of users increased, their engagement in those social media accounts also increased. With no time social media accounts transformed to those platforms were societal, personal, political, cultural  and many more issues were discussed.The reactions for all these were not affirmative and optimistic. This flagged for arguments and verbal abuse. Foremost platforms including Facebook and Instagram had opted for some corrective measures on this regard. Twitter has also forged ahead against harmful tweets.


  • Measures adopted by Twitter

Twitter has taken the initiative to send warnings for its users against those tweet replies which  involve any baleful words which could sow the seeds for any unnecessary arguments. For this it has launched a new, limited test on iOS that will provide warnings on  harmful tweet replies. 


  • How does it work?

Twitter’s system has identified some common offensive, aggressive, harmful or provoking tweets. When you are about to post a tweet, it will look over the presence of any such identified words in it.  If it finds anything suspicious,  a prompt will now appear, asking whether you might want to revise your response to avoid potentially causing offense.

Warning system, being in its initial stage, is only a small scale test at the moment. It also initiates efforts to improve on-platform discussion that could keep away abusals via tweets. This creates a significant impact as it is mostly based on the language that people use which will be emphasised in Twitter’s new test in order to promote a re-think. This could ensure the users  protection against such social evils. 


  • Facebook and Instagram 

Facebook  in it’s recent report says that misrepresentation was a key element in causing unnecessary arguments among Facebook users. On this behalf Facebook plans to implement tools similar to that of Instagram to stop such angst.

Instagram introduced comment warnings, which simply prompt users to re-think their wording in order to reduce the potential for offence.


  • The impact

These progressive steps have probably acted as an effective deterrent on Instagram. It could also support a positive effect on tweet interactions, significantly on the grounds of  expressing nuance in tweets. Reduces the chance for your short responses to be interpreted in a way you may not have intended.

It will be great for letting people take a moment to consider how their words could be taken the wrong way. And by this a lot of unnecessary arguments could be eliminated.

With the upswing of social media, the relevance of influencer marketing has touched new heights. Though the rules are few, they need precise and strategic attention to implement the process where nothing is predetermined or charted. Anyone who still hasn’t noticed the concept needs to take a look around at this promising avenue of marketing. Take a stroll through Instagram to see a lot of influencers thriving with brands. In the latest, we saw the former Indian skipper, MS Dhoni becoming the icon for Panerai watches. But if you are intending to apply the fruitful slice of social media influencer marketing, then it’s essential to know the entire approach.

Thanks to the flourish of social media that people today have the exquisite liberty of following what they love and live. They can hold and retain brand or celebrities that manages to meaningfully relate their interests and tastes. You can’t just supply some content and expect the audience to only look through your perspectives. Your message must weave a harmonious thread between brand identity, influencer, and the right content so that they are never forced to look for more entertaining options. So understand brand image marketing, the expected benchmarks of audiences in social media and create engaging content that resonates across the channel with more targeted exposure.

Brand and Influencer

The major factor that determines the success of influencer marketing is how the brand will establish a meaningful relationship with the influencer. The established narrative of the brand needs to be perfectly in lines with the overall personality of the influencer. Let’s take the example of Panerai watches and why they have chosen Indian cricket icon MS Dhoni for the purpose. First of all, they have a commitment towards the large audience of the Indian market. Being an ardent fan of the brand and one of the most respected, disciplined sportsman in the world, MS Dhoni becomes the well-fitted adjective to embody the value and authenticity of Panerai. Here, both he peripherals perfectly align each other to succeed.

Channel Reach of Influencer

Another important aspect of influencer marketing is the reach of the influencer. The more strong followership the influencer has across multiple social media platforms, the more he creates ripples in the market. However, you don’t necessarily focus strictly on this aspect. Sometimes the target audience of your brand might be largely based on any one of the social media platforms. Sometimes you might not need a massive influencer. In the case of small brands, they need to address only a small niche audience. Sometimes the ads and campaigns you curate might only be prominent to say, Instagram only. So it’s essential to know the metrics of the target audience to focus your efforts in that way.

Freedom for influencer

Today social media influencers happen to be more accustomed to the role they play as modern day creative directors. They have great insights on what exactly people demand from them and how they need to place themselves in the content they pass to the audience. Rather than being strict on the brand goals, let them have the freedom of choice to place themselves in the content. After a series of campaigns, influencer will know what aspect of them can be used to sell the brand. As a brand, you need to track every single detail of the influencer that will address their business motto to the target audience and give them a good script that will expose their positive factors for luring the audience.

Celebrity or Home Grown Influencers?

Are you planning to storm in the market with a Kylie Jenner or DeStorm Power effect? Well, this depends on the ultimate brand goal. Celebrities will add serious brand publicity in a short period of time. Not only that celebrities are more expensive from a marketing perspective, but brands require repeated efforts frequently to get the audience connected with the celebrity. However, home-grown influencers are less expensive and they can provide a more genuine association with the brand and grow the reputation in a fair organic way. Both of these categories have their own role to play in social media marketing services, but brands need to understand the goals to choose the right category.

Priority Factor

At times brands fail to set the priority level. Having accustomed to running campaigns, brands give more emphasis on marketing that the influencer. A slight mistake can overshadow the campaign ideas and cause blackmark for your brand. The way of conveying a message to the audience is more important than the message. Some influencers might be adept in conveying the message in a genuine way. While in some instances, it might fail as well. In the latter situation, the priority will be always on conveying the story. Rather than treating influencer as a billboard, evaluate them based on the genuine talent to peep into the hearts of the audience and engage them in a pursuing way.

Social media is day by day shooting up its value that business no longer can just sit idle and watch. People are largely flocking into establishing their presence in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With the increasing popularity, every business needs to rely on strategies to boost their social media channels to establish a connection with the audience. Social media is where people are hanging around and making conversations. So brands need to sneak peek into this space and connect them on different levels.

We know the importance of framing social media strategy, that details the whole script of what you have planned to do and intend to achieve. Once we begin the process, you need to follow up the process and make sure that things are progressing as planned. This is where social media audit comes into the picture, which uses a series of methods to evaluate and optimize the social media profiles and strategies of the business. Most businesses fail to look forward to social media audits but its essential today for business growth to do a competitive analysis in marketing.

Today various social media audit tools are available to make the process more simple. You need to scribble down the whole statistics into a spreadsheet as well. Once you habitualise the process, it will become a lot easier for you. Most often social media audits are conducted on a monthly basis and at times quarterly as well. Whether you are already experienced or a fresher who intends to refine the social media audit process, we have got you covered with the best tips to enhance your work.

Template and Checklist

You need to create a social media template (spreadsheet) to clearly record all the data and insights. You can find a lot of templates online today to save your time. After client requirement gathering and proper team discussions, you can get ready with the checklist as well to easily walk through all the steps without confusion. Make sure the spreadsheet is shared with the team to get a clear idea of what is happening in the work sphere.

The social media audit checklist should have all the basics including Profile Information, Engagement Analytics, Publishing Facts, Target Audience Demographics, Referrals, Channels etc. Sometimes the template needs to be customized to fit in all the aspects. Mark the percentage of change in visitors or clicks etc on a monthly or quarterly basis. In the case of yearly review meetings with clients, you can make a detailed annual audit report as well.

The duration and type of audit depend on the industry of business. If your client happens to be an e-commerce business, then you can consider opting for seasonal comparisons. Never miss mentioning the summary of each social media channel separately instead of having them all and making it clumsy. In the case of Twitter, you will be recording the metrics of retweets. But then Facebook and Instagram have different aspects. So customize the columns and rows in respect to the social media channels.

Secure Social Media Accounts

Find and secure all the existing channels of social media accounts of the client. Make sure you include all the social media verticals other than the front runners like Facebook and Instagram. The client even has a Tumblr account updated probably years ago. Get access to the account and optimize it properly. Analyze each social media profile by evaluating factors that are working well and areas where you need to make changes for better results.

Performance of Social Media Posts

Observing the performance of social media posts gets you valuable insights for improving content strategy. The posts must be engaging your target audience. Measuring the outcome of posts holds great significance in audit reports. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be quickly and easily analyzed. For Snap chat and YouTube, you might need some alternative tools. Compare the post based on its purpose of entertainment, promotional, educational, informative etc.

Check the Branding

The main intention of social media posts is to establish a clear branding image for the business. The brand should be immediately identifiable by the audience. In this regard, it’s essential to have a verified account for your business in social media and have proper URL in the bio. Social media audit must have inputs regarding brand style guidelines to be strictly followed. Users will relate the brand more with consistent graphics, images, fonts, styles, and typos.

Define Audience

In this step, you need to audit the followers to evaluate whether the social media initiatives are precisely targeting your category of audiences. Some of the social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook can give you valuable information about the target audience. These data are filtered based on the industry background of the leads coming and also based on age and gender. This gives valuable indices on how your social media activities should be curated and run to maximize the benefits.

Google announced on 17th January that it will start considering page speed for mobile search. The new update called the Speed Update will start rolling out on July 2018. Google had admitted to pagespeed being one of its ranking factor in 2010 but back then searches were mostly desktop searches. But now mobile searches have raised far and above desktop search.
If you have not yet started optimizing your websites for increased pagespeed don’t worry, we still have more than 4 months for the update to take over. But that doesn’t mean that you should waste time, the earlier you start the better.

As the first step towards optimizing your websites Google recommends the use of PageSpeed report or tools like LightHouse to measure page speed and make improvements.

If your website has Google AMP then this update should not be creating trouble for you, unless your pages are loading slow in spite of the AMP. And for people using a mix of AMP and regular mobile pages, Google will determine the speed based on the page they show in the search results. So in short having AMP will not give you a clean chit, Google is not going to consider the technology you are using, the only thing that matters is the speed of the pages.

Google also says that user intent will be given the top priority, i.e a page that has the most relevant information related to a search query may rank in the results in spite of a slow pagespeed. Now if you are waiting for the update to demote your site and then start working on it, then there are chances that you may not even know that your site has been hit. Google will not alert you when your site, so the only way for you to know is by continuously monitoring your webpage performance and rankings.

Another area where Speed update can bring in changes id your Adwords campaigns. Though Google have not specifically stated it landing page experience is a major factor in determining the quality score. So if the pagespeed of your landing page is low, it may affect your quality score and you may end up paying more that you used to. So if your landing page is slow to load, do not hesitate to correct the issue.

So the easier path would be to audit your website, or even better assign a search engine marketing company to do an audit on your website and understand how it’s pagespeed can be improved. This will help your website to stand strong when the Speed Update rolls out.

Instagram has been rolling out new updates on a regular intervals to bring in more people to them. And the latest addition to this one is the new ‘Type Mode’ feature, the long awaited text only feature. This latest Instagram update enables users to share text-only posts on their Instagram Stories without photos or videos.
Users get to choose from colorful and customizable backgrounds with different text styles. It also has a neon font. You can also use the other recent Instagram update, the GIF stickers. These animated stickers will help you make any photo or video funny, interesting or creative.

Accessing the Type Mode is pretty simple, open the camera in the Instagram app and swipe to “Type,” and write whatever you need to express. Once you have finalised the text and created it tap the button at the bottom of the screen to change the text color, background color, font etc. And if you want more you can also add a background photo by tapping the camera icon on the bottom right.

The new Instagram update has bought in different responses from the users. Many are happy about the update as they can now share their thoughts and feelings without using images or videos.
But there are others who feel that this update was uncalled for. They feel that this update will destroy the essence of Instagram, that is not to have to read anything and just absorb things through photos or videos.

Whatever be the reactions, the feature has already rolled out and whoever approves of this can embrace it with open arms. And the others can ignore it and keep on using photos and videos. And with Instagram being the fast growing medium for social media management service this update will force marketers to build new strategies and techniques to win the market.

And Instagram is not stopping the experiments with new features. According to reports they are testing an option that lets you “regram” public feed posts from other users to your Story. This feature is yet to roll out, so let’s wait and watch.