User Experience (UX) design directly affects your SEO ranking through user engagement metrics and plays a very important part of any SEO Strategy. With an improved and enhanced UX design, it is possible to attain not only an increased SEO ranking, but also an increased brand credibility and better audience. An increased user experience leads to better conversion rates, that is a favourable factor for any business. The same goes with the case of User Interface (UI). Your website’s page appearance, elements like buttons, icons that enables a person to interact with your product or service collectively forms the User Interface. A better UI means increased traffic.


What is User Experience (UX)

While interacting with a website, a customer normally displays a specific kind of behaviour. Numerous factors such as the website design, information understandability, appearance of images, form design etc, influence the user experience. An increased user experience is a positive sign that the customer is going to stay with you and their interaction with your brand is getting better.

In order to have your target audience happy and engaged with your website and your brand at all times, it is essential to create a better user experience. By pairing down the information on your website. The user finds it easier to imbibe information and with simplified navigation processes and are able to engage in a smoother procedure. Avoiding distractions and confusions in the process itself is a vital thing.


Why is it Important to Increase UX?

Increased and improved User Experience (UX) is a positive indication that the visitors to your page are led to the conversion funnel. The conversion funnel is a key factor that turns page visits to leads and leads into customers.

When a prospect visits your page for the very first time, they might at first casually navigate around the page to get an overview of your services or products and may even checkout your blog post or testimonials. And if your page is able to create a happy experience, he or she might even sign up for your emails, offers and newsletters and follow you on your social media handles.

All this is definitely a sign of an increased user experience.  Thus, if you do not take time and necessary steps to increase the user experience of your page, your prospect or lead might grow cold. There is no chance that the client might even come back to check on your product or service. If this situation recurs, it is definitely going to influence your ranking adversely.


What is User Interface

Anything that a prospect might use to interact with your digital product or service is termed as User Interface or UI. It could be anything ranging from the touchscreen, keypads, sound or light that generates a specific kind of experience in the user.


Why is a good user interface important in web design?

A good UI makes it easier for your target audience to see and know what your products or services are. A well-planned UI definitely draws visitors to your page and thereby influences your ranking in a constructive manner. A good User Interface facilitates a better interaction between the visitors and your website, which is favourable in converting them into potential clients.

The engagement of the visitors with your page while a particular kind of user interface is followed, certainly gives you an idea of user preferences. Whether the particular target group is responding positively or unfavourably with your page has a direct influence on your ranking as well.


Some Final Thoughts

Audience engagement is the key to stay successful and trending in any business. And this is made possible by giving your prospects an improved UX and UI experience that will turn favourable in increasing your ranking. Here is when the UX design companies become a saviour. They particularly know what works well and what not and are able to design your page accordingly.